Stylage – L Lidocaine 2 x 1 ml


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The products are cross-linked hyaluronic acid gels of non-animal origin, incorporating an antioxidant (mannitol).They are sterile and non-pyrogenic, with physiological pH and osmolarity.
The gels are packaged in a pre-filled syringe and sterilised using autoclave. These products are for single use. Each box contains one instruction leaflet and labels with the batch number – one of which must be given to the patient while the other is attached to the doctor’s patient file. Each box also contains:
Stylage® L Lidocaine: 2 x 1 ml pre filled syringes, 4 x single-use sterile needles.


A hyaluronic acid injectable gel designed to fill skin depressions on the face by injection into the dermis. Lidocaine hydrochloride is intended to reduce the pain associated with the injection.


2 x 1 ml
4 x 27G needles

Please read package leaflet before use.

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Stylage® (available with or without lidocaine) is a range of innovative monophasic cross-linked injectable dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid and antioxidants: mannitol or sorbitol. They are made with Laboratoires VIVACY’s advanced patented IPN-Like Technology.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Vivacy


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Stylage - L Lidocaine 2 x 1 ml