Quality & Regulation


At Best Buy Fillers we guarantee frictionless supply and super-easy handling of orders, transportation, and payment. Your application needs to be vetted by our medical department as we are unable to ship to unqualified persons.


Outstanding quality and protection

bbf’s policy is to provide their customers with the best products and shopping experience possible. For this reason, BBF has a fully dedicated Quality and Regulatory team overviewing the processes of the company in order to ensure that the integrity and quality of the products are protected and maintained from the moment they are purchased to their final destination when ultimately delivered to the customer.

Quality is safeguarded by a fully equipped quality management system consisting of a set of operational procedures which guarantee the good handling practice of the goods at all stages of the distribution chain. The Regulatory Affairs team at bbf. will ensure that regulatory guidelines and directives both on the trading of cosmetic products as well as on fiscal issues are continuously followed and updates are implemented.